2022 Nicky Winmar Adult Indigenous Guernsey

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2022 Nicky Winmar Indigenous Guernsey

On April 17th, 1993, Nicky Winmar made a stand against racism at Victoria Park. A silhouette of his iconic “I’m Black and I’m Proud” pose sits on the front of the jumper as a defining moment in his legacy.

In season 2022, St Kilda Football club will wear the "Away" version of Nicky's Iconic design. Featuring predominantly white pannelling, inverted handprint stencils, family totem and silhoutte colourings.  

Two Willy Wagtails, Nicky’s family totem, feature on the front of the jumper to represent both of his parents.

The stencils seen on the back of the guernsey are inspired by traditionally Indigenous splatter techniques and feature Nicky’s very own hands. They represent teamwork and demonstrate Nicky’s eternal connection to the club and its current group of players - he will always have their back.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review