Saints Locker Member Vouchers Info


You should have now received your code via email. If you don't have an email registered with the club, your voucher code will be included with your pack in January.

Here’s how it works:

1. Visit

2. Login with your membership account details and start shopping (have trouble? Click here)

3. Add the item(s) you’d like to your cart, select ‘edit cart’ and enter the voucher code in the gift voucher section

4. Multiple gift vouchers can be added to the transaction if you are purchasing for friends and family

5. Check out and complete the transaction and you’re all done!

Want to see the step by step guide? Click here to download the walk through steps.

You will be notified when the item is dispatched along with the tracking details.

We understand this is a new process for our members in 2021. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ's regarding the change here or get in touch with our team at or 1300 467 246.

If you haven't received your code yet, please contact the club on 1300 467 246 and we can assist you.

For a full list of terms and conditions, please visit


I’m having issues logging into Saints Locker account to process my members discount.

  1. Please ensure your Saints Locker password and your Saints Club membership password are the same, we would recommend logging into both accounts which are linked below and ensure both accounts have the exact same password. If not, select ‘forgot password’ to reset an account.
    Account 1 -
    Account 2

    Once this is completed undertake the following steps
    1. Log into Saints Locker account.
    2. Select account (top right).
    3. Account setting.
    4. Please fill out email address, Saints Locker password, confirm password and select ‘Yes’ to ‘Want to access Club Member discount’ and confirm updated detail


Please call or email Saints Locker for further help:

1300 467 246 (option 3)